The Alpha Sockis designed to hold the plantar fascia in the optimal healing position.

It applies a low-grade stretch to your calf by comfortably holding the toes in a flexed position. This has been proven to safely release tension, stretch and strengthen the calf muscles - which allows you to experience less foot pain, inflammation and cramping throughout the day.

The best part?! You can wear our sock while relaxing on the couch watching Netflix at the end of your busy day. 

*People who have used the sock for 7 consecutive days (for a minimum of 20-minutes a day) have reported less pain with their first morning steps, more flexible calves, less cramping and more power during sports and activities!*


Small/Medium  0-16 inches

Large/X-Large  16-21 inches

XX-Large  21-26 inches

***Measure calf circumference at the widest point


Customer Reviews

Based on 32 reviews
Great sock

My legs feel good after wearing them and legs and feet are not swollen. I have circulation problems and these help.

Ray Mullaney (Ocala, US)

I love these socks they are so comfortable

Richar Aulerra (Houlton, US)
Still awaiting first use.

Because of my present medical condition, with my legs being re-wrapped in a compress dressing twice a week, I have been unable so far to try my Alpha Sole compressed socks. Everything looks fine, but I cannot offer a personal experience comment as of the moment.

Angel Cochener-Shultz (Lenexa, US)
The pairs of socks are great.

My husband likes the pairs of socks. However... don't waste your money on the individual Alpha Socks. They do not fit right and do not help him AT ALL

Janet (Bedford, US)
Simply The Best!

I need to daily wear compression socks. I have thrown away other compression sock because they are too hard to get on, they are uncomfortible and they hurt my legs after only after a few hours of wear. Alpha Sole compression socks solve all these problems and are a pleasure to wear every day.