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    Alpha Sole Reviews

    Based on 3807 reviews
    A second order

    I now have 5 pairs, not enough to wear one per day, but close. Since I lost a lot of weight and must regain my strength, they are easier to put on then the pharmacy ones; but I still struggle. Maybe something said “how to put on and take off” in the packet would help? Other than that - love my socks💕

    firm control but easy to put on. I like them.

    Good Compression socks

    I have found them very comfortable and easy to pull on.

    Great wearing the Apha Copper

    I am happy to receive the compression socks. Having problems with my left shoulder I got to where it was too difficult getting the hose on and off. The socks are very comfortable to wear and do help with easing most of the swelling of my knees each day


    these socks are really excellent

    works Fine

    Works great, a little tight on the toes, but other than that it's is good!

    Better feeling legs

    They are as good as what you advertised them to be. They helped my legs feel better longer.


    They feel wonderful

    Alpha Copper Infused Compression Socks - BLACK
    Margaret Marsden (Coventry, GB)

    They are the only compression socks that have been easy to put on and are comfortable to wear . Will be ordering some more .

    Easy and comfortable

    The copper suppression socks aren’t as tight as medical grade socks. But they are very comfortable and definitely reduce the swelling in my feet and legs. I love that they are so easy to put on and easy to take off.

    Compression Socks

    After several months using the compression socks my legs feel great. No problems were noted and they are very easy to put on

    Excellent socks

    Thanks for asking but since i gave you my review I have not been able to wear the stockings because I was given an antibiotic by my doctor and it reacted to one of my tablets and it caused the skin on my legs to break out to ulcers which is nasty. I will just say this Amanda before this happened I was jumping around with the stockings on the best I had felt for a long time my partner and I could not believe it I felt fantastic. I will be definitely be wearing them when my legs clear up. Graham.

    Excellent Product

    As a Nurse, I'm on my feet for over 13 hours a shift and my legs get sore and tired. I got these support socks and they are fantastic. I Got the 2XL (as I have wide calves) and they fit perfectly and give incredible support and they are not sweaty.... I would 100% recommend The AlphaSole support socks....

    Socks are comfortable but too tight around the top of the sock.

    Support stockings

    Absolutely great product, really helps and are easily put on. Wash well too.

    I can actually get them on!

    I have so MANY compression socks in my sock draw. Finally found ones I can actually up on myself. The rest are going to charity.

    Comfy socks

    They are great socks and my doctor really liked how they fit me!


    Easy to put on and take off. Comfortable


    Although I need 20-30 these were ok

    tim doyle review

    socks are great, this was my 2nd order. legs are good, thank you for your help


    Much easier to put on and take off than other brands I’ve tried. Very good product and pricing


    These socks are the most comfortable compression socks I've ever worn ! They are also the easiest to put on also. My feet & legs swell so much I thought I was doomed to wear those hard to put on, uncomfortable socks by other makers but when I tried ALPHA Socks, I was delighted to find comfort at a decent price.
    Try them and you WILL be hooked !!!

    Love my Socks

    Thank you AlphaSole Team, I love my Alpha socks. They are easy to put on, yet still do their job, they are comfortable to wear - and, not only that - they stay up! Really happy I took the plunge and ordered online!

    Walking Again

    Before these stockings, I was so swollen that walking became difficult, That’s no longer the case b/c of Alpha Sole. Thanks!