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Just received my support socks and had my granddaughter help me put them on, the immediate relief I felt in both my ankles and the bottom of my feet is amazing and my calves feel so much better, it's easier to walk and I don't feel as off balance. I am very happy with my purchase. Best purchase i've made that actually provides what was advertised. I would recommend this product!

Renate Epps - Wilmington, DE

Alpha socks are the best! I used them on a 16 hour intercontinental  flight, and survived without swollen feet! I will definitely be ordering another pair. Shipping was a day later than expected but it was still fairly quick. 

Viola Ford - Austin, TX

My doctor wants me to wear these every day, surgery is so expensive, not to mention ugly. These have great graduated compression, and they are fun. I have purchased others online, but these have much better compression. I will definitely wear them when relaxing at home and not be embarrassed. These are great!!

Michelle G - Phoenix, AZ

Alpha Socks are super comfortable and amazing quality! I will continue to buy Alpha Sole products!I love how affordable their products are!

Kip Phillips - New York City, NY

These socks are fantastic! They make my 16+ hour shifts at the hospital bearable and keep my legs from cramping. I tell all my nurse friends to get them! The shipping was quicker then expected too!

Sarah Rowland - Tampa, FL

The product arrived quickly and it took me a few attempts to get use to wearing them for the entire night but now that I can my feet feel better and better every morning, I can't wait to see what results I will obtain in a few weeks.

Ray - San Jose, CA

I have received my shipment and I LOVE THE Socks! They make my feet and legs feel so good! As a Type 2 Diabetic, I do have some neuropathy in my feet and legs. These socks really make a difference. 

Terry Martin - Clarksville, TN