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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 6 reviews
    Ken M (Singapore, SG)
    Great Compression Socks for the Tropics

    Actually this is my third order from AlphaSole. I order 10 pair when Alpha first launched and they were great. I also ordered the sock helper as I have a messed up carpal in the left wrist so manually pulling them over the foot/ankle area was difficult at best. That sock assistant was worth every cent. However. The new socks arrived on 3 days ago and yesterday I tried for the first time to wear a pair of the new ones. It took me 15 minutes to get them on as the original sock assistant couldn't retain it's rigidity to stay open to allow me to slide my foot into the sock at all so no choice but manually and with my wrist had me cursing to say the least. These are the new sizing and apparently these mediums are substantially smaller than the originals as there were only 3 sizes back then, and not four that you now offer. Are they too small? Once I got them on they, like the originals with the orange bands on the bottom, extremely comfortable and I actually wear them 23 hours a day (I have edema that isn't caused by diabetes but due to very small veins so I am plagued with spider veins in and around my ankles/feet. Wearing the originals brought down the swelling immensely but over time I think they have lost a lot of their elasticity as they are very easy to put on the sock assist now. This is why I ordered another dozen. Sadly it is virtually impossible to use the assist and I'm having a heck of a time getting them on in the morning. But living in the tropics I can wear them all day and not feel hot in them and I don't have any air conditioning in my home. I give them 5*s but wish I could get a better assist device that doesn't fold up when trying to pull the sock onto the unit.

    Bernard Lepri (Collegeville, US)
    I've been wearing support hose for 20 plus years and these are the best ever!

    Over the past 20 plus years I have tried and worn several brand name support hose. They were all a terrible fit. I have short legs and even when I purchased the women's petite knee high support hose they came up too high and the tops rolled down causing pain, discomfort and restricted blood flow. The first day I put on the ALPHA sole socks, I was impressed with the fit and the comfortable compression. They come up to the right height for me, reduce the lower leg swelling and neither bind nor slide down. Thumbs up for ALPHA Sole in getting these socks just right for this guy. I was so pleased with my first order of a dozen socks, that I immediately reordered another 12.

    Rudolph Braydich (Canfield, US)
    Great support

    Comfortable, stay put

    Oscar A. (Waipahu, US)

    Best compression socks I ever bought

    Magalene Hawkins (Medina, US)

    They were difficult to pull on in beginning but doing good right now