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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 12 reviews
    Kathryn Nguyen (East Brunswick, US)
    Essential first step.

    These help! Definitely recommend. I was able to fix my bunion by this during the night and arch supports (orthodics) during the day. I imagine a lot of people can avoid surgery by implementing these two corrections mentioned above. Thank you alpha sole for a great product.

    Joy Martinez (Palmdale, US)

    Purchased Alpha Sole for my bunions what a relief. It been 45 days and I can feel and see the difference.

    Thank you Aloha Sole

    JAMES BALLARD (Bardstown, US)
    Bunion Corrector

    Ive been wearing the bunion corrector daily for about 3 months. Always nightly, sometimes all day, inside my house shoes. The relief from the bunion pain is terrific. Highly recomend this product.

    Laurence Carton (Pikesville, US)

    needed something at nite to keep toes from overlapping. works. cant use it during day when wearing shoes. only operation will correct the problem permanently. this corrector makes it feel better.

    K. Jackson (Florence, US)

    I've been using mine on an off for about a month now. Purchased it from a drug store. Takes a little getting used to. First, I wore a sock with mine to prevent me from kicking it off while I slept. Now I'm used to it and don't need the sock. I noticed from day one it was helping my issue. I highly recommend trying this *before* thinking about surgery.

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