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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 21 reviews
    Barbara Miller (Eden Prairie, US)
    Ease of Pulling On

    I am very happy with these soxs; they are so much easier to put on. I have an extremely bad back and have had a hard time in the past.
    I just wish you had toe-less soxs so I could wear thongs and sandals in the summer. Also, colors other than black would be super.

    Ann Semler (Saegertown, US)

    They feel great and so much easier to put on. Well satisfied.

    Karen Jelinek (Elmhurst, US)


    Penny Gentile (Garden Grove, US)
    My Alpha Sole Life Change

    Never did I even consider that a pair of “Knee Socks” would make my problems with mobility reduce so significantly. From the very first day, the difference was so significant I felt like I could do so much more than I have been. The amount of swelling has reduced so much that I no longer have to ice my legs and feet. I still elevate each night but as I said, swelling is far less troublesome.
    I originally ordered 1 pair to see how well it would work. I have since gotten 7 more pair and am so pleased. I am sure this will be an absolute must for my continued improvement.
    Thank You so much for introducing me to this incredible product.

    Patricia (Prescott, US)

    Love my Florence socks. Very different from my black copper infused and white copper infused. It’s a nice change, very different in all ways from the black and white.