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    a bit difficult to take off

    I've only worn them one time but I've been trying a lot of different ones. These seem to be a little hard taking off. I will wear them again of course. I'm doing a study on all the different brands of compression socks right now. Other than these being a little hard taking off, I thought they were good.

    The Alpha Sock
    Bob Biege (Baraboo, US)

    I just received my first pair of alphasole and they are wonderful! I had tried 3 other brands that were cute but provided poor support. I think I need to shop no further.

    Love these socks!

    Legs don't get as tired. I've been planting flowers again.

    Compression Stockings

    These stockings are really good but I am short so a bit long in the leg portion. They stop halfway over my knee so I have to fold them over. And foot portion is too big on some pairs. Also I ordered XL. There are no markings on socks to tell you size. The card in the packet says XXL. They fit comfortable so not sure what size I have as I went by the measurements. Do they run smaller than stated? Also some pairs seem smaller than others. So not sure what sizes I have. All in all are comfortable and legs do feel better wearing them.

    Wish the socks were sized. They are long for a 5’3 gal and I have to bunch them up from ankle to under knee

    3 Pairs of Socks For Less Than 1 Pair (That's Right... And, YES, You'll Need It Anyway 🤷‍♀️)

    Alpha Compression Foot Sleeves
    Ron Yocham (Las Vegas, US)
    Great Sock

    I love these socks and they are very easy to put on. I like to wear them to work and other outings where I will be on my feet a lot.

    Alpha Copper Infused Compression Socks - BLACK/COPPER
    Paul Ferrarone (Peachtree Corners, US)
    Excellent Socks

    I ordered a second set because I like my first set so much. I have tried other brands but none fit as well as Alpha Socks. They pull up easily unlike others that are hard to pull up. They fit perfectly with just enough strength.

    Alpha Copper Infused Compression Socks - BLACK
    Gabriel Labbad (Boynton Beach, US)

    I love your socks. The additional pairs that I bought were sent to my Daughter who is so happy with the result. Soon, I may order more for my Grand Children. Thanks and keep your products LISTED as EXCELLENT in books of all books of all buyers.


    So easy to put on and take off.

    They are socks that fit and don't roll down even though I have fat calves. I love them and they aren't that hard to put on even though I have very arthritic hands and fingers.

    Alpha Copper Infused Compression Socks - WHITE/COPPER

    Leg Relief

    I ordered these socks on a whim. They exceded all my expectations. My legs keppt swelling and really hurt and these have really made a difference. I hope that they will continue to make stylish ones for the fall.

    Alpha Copper Infused Compression Socks - WHITE/COPPER
    Lawrence Durocher (Grass Lake, US)
    Great socks

    I understand you changed your manufacturer. Bad move! The black/gold and the white/gold socks were just great. I tried your new ones and all I can say is Good luck! Maybe you should go back to your previous manufacturer.

    No Limits
    Carol Roe (Long Grove, US)
    No Limits, odd fit

    The No Limits socks did not work for me. Sad, as I wanted some color! They were way too long in the foot and when pulled up to where there was no extra sock bunching at ends of toes the heal was was above my ankle! I contacted Alpha soul. They let me keep the No Limits and pass them on and sent a pair of white socks I know fit. I will shop Alpa sole again.

    Alpha Compression Socks - BFCM Sale - 3 Pack
    Bernard Beutel (Detroit, US)

    The best Socks I have ever tried

    I wear my white or black as socks every day. My feet and legs would be In pain or just sore every night but after changing to these easy on socks I feel like happy legs all day til bedtime!! They have never Stretched out or come down during the wearing. aLL others have stretched out in a few weeks!! Love them. Plain white or beige would be nice. 😊

    Alpha Copper Infused Compression Socks - 1 PACK
    Stephanie Fino (Whitinsville, US)
    Black Support Compression socks

    They are perfect, easy to get on and easy to get off and help with edema. They seem to be the best I have found.

    Love my socks

    Socks have really helped my legs. Fairly easy to put on. Personal service is over the top!

    Alpha Compression Socks - BFCM Sale - 3 Pack
    Paula Parsons (Mount Gilead, US)
    Order exchange

    How do I exchange my order

    Hi Paula, we hope you are doing well. The concerned department is trying to get in touch with you regarding your exchange request. We request you to please check your spam/junk folder once to confirm the receipt of our email or contact us at support@alphasole.com and we will be delighted to assist you further. Best regards!!

    Great socks!

    Love the Alpha Sole socks! They make my legs feel better…more rested and help my enlarged veins not to protrude! I’m happy with my purchase! They are my go to socks for my daily wear!

    Alpha Compression Foot Sleeves
    Sylvia Haskins (Palm Harbor, US)
    Love this!

    Great sock, fits well.

    Alpha Copper Infused Compression Socks - BLACK
    C. Thomas Reiter (Mokena, US)
    The Alpha Copper Infused Socks…Great!

    I thought the socks would be very troublesome putting on, but they weren’t at all. I wear them all the time now.

    Compression socks

    I really like them but there really hard to get on. I think I should have got a bigger size. But overall they feel good when I wear them.