Don't Let Other Compression Socks Fool You - The TRUTH About Compression

Don't Let Other Compression Socks Fool You - The TRUTH About Compression

If you are looking to get yourself a pair of compression socks nowadays there is no shortage of companies and businesses that claim to offer the "highest quality" compression socks. Or so it seems!

Unfortunately the majority of compression socks out there are manufactured with improper compression ratings. These companies are trying to trick you to cut costs and increase profit.




Graduated or medical compression stockings have the most amount of compression located at the ankle and slowly become less compressive as you work your way up the leg.

Why does this matter to you?

Wearing socks that don't provide the proper compression in the right areas can actually end up causing MORE pain and discomfort! Rather than helping to fix the problem they can end up making it worse.

A properly manufactured compression sock exerts CONTROLLED graded pressure on the leg. In doing so, the socks compress the vein walls, which promotes circulation as well as blood flow back to the heart!


Don't think compression socks for for you?


Maybe you have let the other compression sock companies fool you! But now you know the truth about compression. All AlphaSole compression socks are guaranteed graduated compression and have been created along side professional physiotherapists to ensure that you get exactly what you are looking for. Professionally graded compression so you can have pain free feet and legs all day long!


Pick up a pair of our graduated compression socks today and see for yourself!


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