Why Everyone Should Wear Compression Socks Post Workout!

Why Everyone Should Wear Compression Socks Post Workout!

Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast who loves feeling "the burn" during a solid workout or someone who just likes to stay active, pushing yourself to new limits is often the goal of everyone’s exercise sessions.  After all, if working out is “nice and comfortable” it’s probably not doing much for your muscle growth and strength.

But one of the most important aspects of a successful fitness routine is taking care of your tired muscles in between exercise sessions. This means ensuring your muscles recover fully between workouts. Even if you haven't overdone it, your muscle tissue needs time to repair and strengthen after exercise, helping you become stronger for the next session. Proper nutrition, rest and hydration can go a long way toward this end, but is there more you can do to help tired muscles recover faster and more efficiently?

Muscle soreness and fatigue after a workout is one of the most common complaints people experience in any fitness routine. Some may even postpone their next workout due to muscle soreness. Doing this can set you back when it comes to meeting your fitness goals, and nobody wants that!

So if you’re serious about reaching your fitness goals with less pain, recovery time and soreness, copper compression socks will be perfect for you.

Many people believe compression therapy is only helpful for injured muscles or recovering from surgery. You may have injured or sprained your ankle or wrist in the past and wrapped it tightly in a tensor bandage. But uninjured, healthy muscles can benefit from compression as well!

Copper compression socks help ease tired, sore muscles and allow them to recover more quickly after any workout. Due to gravity, muscles and joints in your feet and legs are often likely to suffer swelling and poor circulation after exercise. While many people may think that pain causes swelling, it's actually the other way around.

Swelling causes pain. Reduce pain by decreasing swelling.

Many studies have been done on the habitual use of copper compression socks for recovery after a workout has been shown to reduce swelling, improve circulation and reduce muscle soreness in the feet and legs. So why wouldn’t you add them to your fitness routine?!

You probably know that building muscle tissue actually involves tearing it slightly. As your body rebuilds the microscopic tears, the muscle becomes denser and stronger. You can hasten this process by improving blood circulation. The improved circulation promoted by compression socks will aid your body's natural muscle building processes.

When muscle tissue tears on a larger scale, you end up with an injury, such as a strain or sprain. This type of injury responds well to compression therapy, as do bruises. In most cases, compression socks can be a valuable addition to your treatment program. They work particularly well in combination with analgesics to reduce swelling and promote healing. 

So whether your muscles are sore and weak or merely tired after a workout, compression socks can help you recover quickly. They're also handy to have in case of minor injuries. In either case, wearing a high quality pair of copper compression socks after a workout should become part of your fitness routine.

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