The Amazing Benefits of Copper Compression Explained

The Amazing Benefits of Copper Compression Explained

If you suffer from poor blood circulation, leg and calf swelling, cramping, discolouration, varicose veins, or spider veins, Doctors say copper compression socks will help you live a more comfortable and active life!

Copper compression socks are designed to help reduce the painful symptoms associated with the feet, calves and legs and when worn faithfully, they can slow the progression of vein disease and help the heart pump blood more efficiently throughout your entire body.

Now, if you think compression socks are only meant to be worn by athletes, seniors and surgical patients, think again! North American’s, young and old, active and sedentary, are quickly discovering the amazing benefits of wearing copper socks made with graduated compression and have made them a ‘must-have’ accessory in their daily lives.

If you want to try compression socks out for yourself, Doctors recommend you choose ones that are made with graduated compression, as well as copper ions- such as the Alpha Sole Copper Compression Socks


Unlike other medical grade compression socks, graduated compression socks apply the most pressure near your ankle and gradually lessen as the sock moves up the leg. This prevents the sock from cutting off circulation and naturally helps to counteract pooling, clots, swelling and promote healthy circulation.

Copper ions embedded into socks to turn the soft material into natural, non-chemical, long-lasting, germ-fighting material that protects your skin from a host of bacteria, viruses and other potential infections.

Here are just some of the benefits you’ll get when you wear copper compression socks:

Reduced Calf and Heel Pain
Faster Muscle Recovery
Reduced Morning Pain
Less inflammation, irritation and cramps
Less swelling
✓Diminished Foot Odor and Bacteria
Increased Blood Circulation
✓Increased Comfort During Long Periods of Sitting or Standing
✓Less Painful and Irritated Varicose Veins
… and more!

Try them for yourself and get back to a more comfortable and active life!

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