How to Know If Your Compression Socks are Too Tight

How to Know If Your Compression Socks are Too Tight

While compression socks are supposed to be tight (in certain places), they should never be so tight to where you’re feeling discomfort or pain!

Doctors say the best way to know if you’re compression socks are too tight is to follow these simple guidelines.

1) Wear a pair of socks that are made with graduated compression.
This means that your socks apply the most pressure near your ankle and slowly lessen that pressure as they go up the leg. This will keep your blood circulation running smoothly, lessening the risk of blood clots, and help you feel comfortable all day long!

2) Your socks shouldn’t pinch your skin
If your socks are so tight that they’re pinching any part of your skin, or hurt to roll on/take off, you need a bigger size!

3) Your socks should never cause pain

Doctors say wearing your socks daily should actually feel good!
If your socks are the right size, they will feel supportive and comfortable on your legs and should reduce swelling, discomfort and discoloration.

4) Discoloration, tingling and numbness
If your legs and calves feel more uncomfortable after you’ve put your socks on, or promote symptoms such as discoloration, tingling or numbness, they’re too tight!

5) You can get your socks on without straining or cursing
If putting your compression socks on feels like a workout, they’re probably too tight.

Sit comfortably in a chair and bunch your socks up until you can grab it with both hands. Then slowly insert your foot and roll the fabric up your leg. The top of the sock should rest just a few inches below the knee.

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