How Compression Socks Can Save You From a Travel Nightmare

How Compression Socks Can Save You From a Travel Nightmare

When most people plan a trip, they get the obvious things such as travel insurance, necessary vaccinations, essential supplies and good footwear. But many people forget to pack one essential thing that could save them from a travel nightmare.

Research shows that wearing graduated compression socks during flights lasting more than 5 hours dramatically helps reduce your chance of developing DVT (aka blood clots) even if you show no symptoms.

Graduated compression socks can also help reduce leg swelling, discomfort, cramps, and increase healthy blood circulation as well!

So next time you’re planning a vacation, make sure to add a pair of graduated compression socks, such as the Alpha Sole Copper Compression Socks to your list!

HELPFUL TIPS: Wearing Your Compression Socks

1) Put on your socks before you get to the airport while the swelling is still at a minimum. (Don’t wait until you’re already in the air.)

2) Your socks shouldn’t roll down, but it’s still a good idea to do occasional checks to make sure they’re sitting in the proper position during your flight.

3) While on your flight, get up and walk to the bathroom and stretch out your calves and feet as much as possible. Flex and point your toes, do calf raises and massage your elevated legs. This will also help to prevent uncomfortable symptoms and DVT.

4) Be sure to drink LOTS of water as studies have shown that dehydration can make symptoms worse.

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