Best Compression Socks for Standing All Day

Best Compression Socks for Standing All Day

Whether you stand for your job or are just constantly busy and on your feet, compression socks are a great fit for your daily life!

Compression socks work by compressing your leg muscles, tissue and veins in an attempt to help with blood flow in your veins and bring it back to your heart. Without the compression, your veins work against gravity to try to bring your blood back to your heart. This can be challenging if you have circulation problems, weak walled veins, or have a lack of or limited movement due to surgery, injury, or pregnancy.

First thing to consider, is the compression rating that is best suited for you:

15-20 mmHg: These socks are typically for minor and occasional swelling. This is the range most often recommended for reducing swelling and to prevent blood clots during travel.  If you are pregnant, your Dr. will most likely recommend this range during pregnancy to prevent swelling. Our Alpha Copper Socks & Patterned Socks are 15-20mmHg.

20-30 mmHg: If you often experience swelling in your ankles or feet by the end of the day, this is the range for you. Socks with this mmHg provide relief for heavy, aching and fatigued legs. Reduction of mild to moderate swelling from standing all day, varicose veins, or other conditions can be a benefit from these socks. Our Alpha Performance Socks are rated in this range.

Second is ensuring your compression socks fit correctly, we suggest measuring your calf (at the widest point) to see what size compression socks will fit you best. 

We have size charts on all our product pages to make sure you order the right pair of socks. 

If you are still unsure what size to order - feel free to reach out to our support team

If you happen to be in between two sizes, we suggest you try the lower size that is closest to your calf circumference rather than going up in size.

Lastly, the idea of wearing compression socks for some may sound like a big commitment! We suggest starting with a couple of hours a day and working your way up!

Please do what is comfortable for you and your body. We would suggest playing around with different lengths of time to see what works best as each person is different! 

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