A Day In The Life of a Crazy and Busy PA Student

A Day In The Life of a Crazy and Busy PA Student

My name is Ariana! I am a current second-year PA (Physicians Assistant) student about to graduate this August! Throughout the last 24 months of this program, I have taken over 110+ exams.. and at this point, there are only 4 more until I become an official PA-C! I have completed 9 out of 12 clinical rotations so far after completing 15 months of didactic intensive training. My favourite rotations have been plastic surgery and neurosurgery! Although I am unsure of what speciality I would ultimately like to work in, those two mentioned above are pretty high on my list. I have loved getting to experience the operating room as a student - and especially be hands on whenever I can. I also really enjoy a good challenge, I love solving complex puzzles and thinking critically in all aspects of medicine, so maybe internal medicine will be my calling after all?
As a PA student, we work very LONGGGG hours on certain rotations, hours that normal individuals are sleeping and hours that require us to run around full speed throughout clinics and hospitals. When we aren’t running around or working in a clinic- sometimes we get to first assist in the operating room (the cases and intensity will vary depending on what service you are on). Being in the OR is one of my absolute FAVORITE places to be. It is a place of concentration, extreme precision and focus - and a time where I can implement my mad suturing skills I was taught on my plastics service. So…what exactly does the OR mean then if you want a behind the scenes look? It means do not move or breathe, and once again DON’T MOVE!! Sterile field = the less movement the better. Less movement = cramped up legs, stiff back and feet that want to fall off by the end of the day. Not even exaggerating, okay maybe a little.

I can’t tell you how many I times I have gone to bed over the last 15 months with throbbing legs, feet and just pure pain that radiates from my back ALL the way down. SO unpleasant. Such bad pain, not even ibuprofen helps. BUT…who knew my life didn’t always have to be that way!! Clearly not me…I tried out my first pair(s) of Alpha Sole compression socks and wow is all I can say. I tried the black copper infused pair (amazing), and two pairs of the designed socks (puppy and pulse - SO CUTE)! What have I been doing with my life?! Pretty sure I could have been wearing heels STILL to this day had I just taken proper care of my lower extremities and feet years ago with these compression socks!! I experienced the high-quality fabric and build of these socks on my emergency medicine rotation - and did not go home ONCE with aching calves or feet. The socks were extremely comfortable, breathable and stretchable to accommodate whatever position you are forced into in the OR - or however many miles you have to run to get your message delivered through the hospital. Absolutely phenomenal. To be running around during all hours of the night in an emergency room seeing patient after patient, and to just finally lay in my bed once I got home and NOT feel my legs pulsing with pain was just something I have never experienced in my life before. I wish I would have known HOW big of a difference high-grade compression socks could make. If it were up to me these products should be required by all institutions for medical staff! I am so grateful for this company, their amazing customer service skills and the products they invest so much time to create and change lives with. My life, legs and feet HAVE been changed. I start my inpatient internal medicine rotation tomorrow - that means 80+ hour work weeks AND lots of running around and standing… but guess what? NO PAINFUL legs or feet! Because I will be repping my Alpha Sole socks on every shift!! I have plenty of bigger concerns to worry about than my aches and pains. My patients always come first and it is so nice to be able to focus ALL of my attention on my them without being even the slightest distracted from the pain that used to make me miserable on almost every shift.

I cannot recommend these products or this company enough!!!! Oh and their designs make them even more of a temptation to purchase…just because your scrubs are boring, does not ever mean your socks have to be! I feel fortunate to have found a reliable and dependable company I trust and can recommend to all of my colleagues and even patients who I believe could benefit from usage!

Unfortunately, I don’t have any pictures of me in action at work in my socks - as I mentioned I am constantly running and on the go! But luckily there is usually always time for a photo and to just take a few minutes to relax…like they say “The calm before the storm!”


-Ariana G.

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