5 Reasons Nurses Love Compression Socks!

5 Reasons Nurses Love Compression Socks!

Nursing is hard work. The hours are long, and the work is challenging. It stresses your body and your mind. While there are some that think calf soreness, fatigue and leg and foot swelling is just part of the job, there is something that can be done to make those long shifts just a little bit easier (and healthier) for your body.
If you are a nurse (or if you have a nurse in your life) keep reading to learn why copper compression socks will make a big difference in your work day and beyond. Here are five reasons every nurse needs compression socks.

#1) Compression Socks Reduce Leg Fatigue
Compression socks can help reduce the level of heaviness and leg fatigue nurses often experience. This is because compression socks are designed to improve the circulation of blood within the legs. The boost in blood flow brings stimulates increased levels of oxygen and other much-needed nutrients to give your legs the fuel they need throughout the workday.

#2) Copper Compression Socks Reduce Swelling and Odor
Being on your feet all day often leads to a buildup of fluid in the muscle tissue or the swelling of the legs. This pooling of fluid can be very painful and may even impact your ability to perform your job well. This is another great reason why every nurse needs them! Wearing copper compression socks can help to keep your legs from swelling by forcing the blood to flow upwards. Copper compression socks provide graduated compression which means that they are tightest around the feet and lower legs which are usually the most affected areas when it comes to swelling. Copper ions help remove odor-causing sweat and bacteria which is another great reason why nurses love them!

#3) Compression Socks Reduce Varicose Veins
Varicose veins are not only unsightly, but they can be downright painful. Since these veins put pressure on the leg, compression socks reduce the buildup of blood in the veins. This means that compression socks are an excellent treatment option for relieving the symptoms of varicose veins, such as discoloration, bulging and pain -- which means you can enjoy showing your legs on your days off!

#4) Compression Socks Help with Muscle Recovery
The benefits of copper compression socks don’t end when your working day is through. It is advisable to wear compression socks when you are at home relaxing to boost muscle recovery as well. In other words, your feet still need care even after your 12-hour shift is over. Continue wearing your compression socks to reduce swelling, boost circulation and relieve soreness in the legs and feet. Just make sure to take them off before bed.

#5) Compression Socks Can Brighten Your Day
Most compression socks on the market are dull and drab, but there are some out there that can make your day more lively and fun! Alpha sole carries a variety of prints, some even made specifically for nurses, like the colorful heartbeat pattern!

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