5 Quick Workouts for Busy People

5 Quick Workouts for Busy People

Finding time to fit in a workout when your day is jam-packed can feel almost impossible.
Even if you have some time after a long day at work, finding the motivation to drag your butt to the gym is hard when you’re already so exhausted.

Here we have 5 workouts that are quick, easy and designed to fit into your busy schedule. They require zero equipment so you can get them done in the comfort of your own home or office!

Do them first thing in the morning, on your break at work or at home while you binge watch your favourite netflix series!

1) Squats:
Start standing with the bench behind you. Bend at your knees to lower into a squat keeping the weight in your heels. Get low enough where your butt taps the bench, but don’t fully sit down. Press through your heels and stand up. Continue for 1 minute.

2) Mountain Climbers:  
Put your hands on a bench, chair or on the floor with your wrists directly below your elbows (like you’re about to do a pushup.)
Then drive your right knee under your chest. As you return your right foot back to an elevated high plank position, drive your left knee under your chest. Continue alternating sides for 2 minutes.

3) Wall Sit:
Find an open place on the wall and stand with your back against it. Slowly sink down into a squat position until your quads are aligned with your knees, and your knees are directly above your ankles. Make sure your back is flat against the wall. Hold for 2 minutes.

4) Calf Raises:
Grab the back of a chair for balance with your feet shoulder width apart. Rise up onto the balls of your feet so that your heels are in the air. Squeeze glutes. Then slowly drop your heels back to the floor. Keep your inner legs engaged and glutes tightened during each raise. Repeat for 1 minute

5) Tricep Dips:
Start standing in front of the bench and place your palms on the chair seat with your fingertips facing forward. Keep your back flat and walk legs out in front of your body. Bend your arms and lower butt toward the ground while keeping your elbows pointing directly behind the body. Straighten your arms to return to start. Continue for 1 minute.

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