5 Helpful Tips for Copper Compression Socks Users

5 Helpful Tips for Copper Compression Socks Users

If you are new to the compression game and need some extra information to help make the most of your new socks, these tips are sure to help!

Start in the morning!

Our legs are often the least swollen or inflamed in the morning, so compression stockings will be easiest to put on when you first get out of bed.

Prep your legs first!

In the winter when the weather is particularly dry, many compression sock users will lotion their legs, and some will add a thin layer of baby powder to their calves to help the stockings more easily slide up.

Check the pressure!

Compression socks should feel tight around your ankles, with the pressure slowly diminishing up your calves. Socks that are properly fit should also come to about 2 inches below your knee, and the heel of the sock should match up with your own heel. If the stockings do not fit your leg properly or the pressure is even throughout the compression sock, you may want to consider purchasing a different size. Although socks should feel a bit tight around the leg, they should not be too uncomfortable to wear on a daily basis.

Keep them up high!

Compression socks can move around throughout the day, depending on the brand of sock you choose, so it’s important to check on your compression socks periodically throughout the day. Wrinkles in the socks should be smoothed out to maintain optimum pressure.

Take proper care!

A huge part of wearing compression socks is the care you take to make them last. When properly cared for, copper compression socks can last years. However, if possible, it is helpful to have at least two pairs that you swap out every other day, since stockings should be worn on a daily basis.

At bedtime, take your stockings off. Throw them in the washing machine on cold or hand wash the socks with soap, preferably one that is free of dyes and chemicals, and lukewarm water. Do not use fabric softeners or bleach on your socks. Set the stockings in an area where a lot of air will circulate and allow them to dry. If your stockings are partially wet in the morning, fan them with a hairdryer for a few minutes or until completely dry. Compression stockings should not be damp when you put them on.

We hope these tips will help you make the most of your copper compression socks!

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