4 Things You Should Do Before Your Daily Run for Optimal Results

4 Things You Should Do Before Your Daily Run for Optimal Results

Whether you are new to the running game, or are a long time marathon runner, every run is an opportunity to be better, faster and more efficient. So why not set yourself up for success?

Here are 5 things YOU should do before your daily run to ensure you make the most of your workout!

#1) Warm up

Once you get the motivation to go for a run, it’s easy to bolt out the door at full speed!
But jumping out the gate at full speed without a proper warm up can result in a torn muscle, tweaking a tendon, joint or burning out quickly at a pace you can’t sustain.

It’s recommended to start out each run by briskly walking for 3-5 minutes first, doing some calf raises and a few gentle swinging motions with your legs and arms! This gives your body a chance to warm up, helping your body gently get out of sitting mode and into workout mode without risking injury!

#2) Put on Your Compression Socks

Compression socks are one of the best accessories for runners to increase their speed, performance and overall comfort during long runs. Just put them on a few minutes before your run to help increase blood flow, reduce swelling, improve circulation and prevent muscle cramps!

It is recommended that runners wear a pair of quality socks made with graduated compression for the best results, such as the Alpha Copper Compression Socks!

#3) Drink some water

Proper hydration before, during and after a run is imperative to meeting your goals!
When dehydrated, your body won't effectively transfer heat which negatively affects your performance and your body. This is especially dangerous when running in hot weather and can result in muscle cramps, fatigue and other problems.


Try to hydrate at least 30 minutes prior to running, consuming at least 16 ounces one hour before your run, or 4 to 6 ounces if hydrating 30 minutes before your run. (and stay away from sugary sports drinks!)

#4) Stretch

Just like warming up, stretching should be part of everyone’s pre-run routine. Before your run, spend 10 to 15 minutes doing some dynamic stretching to get the body going. Exercises such as butt kicks, high knees, leg swings, calf raises or even a few squats improve range of motion and loosen up muscles that you're going to use on the road.
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