Alpha Sole Story

Alpha Sole was founded because up until now compression socks always seemed to fall into two categories: 1) Nude, medical grade socks for seniors and recovering surgical patients and 2) Extremely tight socks for professional athletes and marathon runners that took 15 minutes to get on.

With all the evidence on the benefits that graduated compression can provide, you’d think there would be a middle ground of socks for the everyday working parent, nurse, teacher, trades worker, mother or runner who wanted that extra support and comfort in their everyday life. 

So we decided to make that happen, starting with the dream of creating the perfect compression sock that could be worn for workouts, the outdoors, to work and around town.

We went collecting materials and fabric samples, met with doctors, podiatrists and sports physiotherapists to learn everything we could about graduated compression and how it impacts the body.

We visited a garment manufacturer in our hometown and got our prototypes made!

After months of testing and tweaking, we were ready to launch the Alpha Sole Copper Compression Sock-- and were shocked at the response from the public! 

We soon found out that we weren’t the only ones out there wanting an everyday compression sock! Since launch, hundreds of thousands of people across the world jumped on the bandwagon and started ordering our socks to finally relieve their swelling, cramps, discomfort and increase blood circulation and vitality!

A few busy months and a helluva lot of socks later, Alpha Sole has grown into a full line of versatile compression wear, made for feeling comfortable anytime, anywhere.