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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 334 reviews
    Shirley Turner (Hawkhurst, GB)
    Happy relief

    I find these socks remarkably comfortable and they really do help to relieve pain.

    L.W. (Saint Anthony, US)
    Looking for socks ?

    Finally after 15 months and many trials....I found AlphaSole - life is good but the socks are great....BTW no longer needed compression socks work pretty well to cover hose bibs before a hard freeze...

    Bernard Beutel (Detroit, US)

    i love these copper infused socks……..Thank you so much

    Ken Hatfield (Morrice, US)

    Alpha Copper Infused Compression Socks - WHITE/GOLD

    Ken M (Singapore, SG)
    Great Compression Socks for the Tropics

    I love these socks. I have had edema from the knees down to my toes to the point that my feet resembled stuffed sausages. My ankles resembled tree trunks. These sock have COMFORTABLY reduced the edema from the knee down to the foot probably 95%. The only problem is that the foot still shows signs of edema (much higher percentage that the calves & ankles) I'm wearing them 23/7 (I deliberately bought 11 pairs so I had plenty to get through a week. I wish the constriction in the foot was a bit more but one cannot have everything. While I make these comments, I have to admit that walking is much easier as the fluid buildup in the balls of my feet have been reduced to comfortable levels and I can live with the remaining swelling in the top of the foot. If I use my normal compression socks (medical grade from a hospital pharmacy) it will knock out the final swelling overnight but they are too hot to wear during day as I live in the tropics without airconditioning. All in all great value for money and would recommend to anybody.